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Stephen's Psalm

Stephen’s Psalm is the journey of a father struggling to reconnect to his estranged son before his son goes off to war. The father journeys back to the source of his own grief—the site where he lost his brother in the Vietnam War when he was just 15—in search of the key to unlock his son’s heart to help keep his son safe during his deployment.
Requirements 2W (50 and late 20s) and 4M (1 50s, 1 60s, 2 20s)
Festivals         Fresh Produce Festival of New Work,

                      Rivendell Ensemble Theatre, 2009
Readings        Chicago Dramatists, 2009


The Good Harvest
After their mother's death, triplets Henry, Molly and Jonathan are shocked by the appearance of their long-estranged father at her funeral. They struggled with the truth—or a new version of the truth—surrounding their birth. The play moves back and forth in time to tell the story of one family's origins and the desperation that surrounds their choice to use in vitro fertilization.

Requirements    2W (40s and mid-20s) and 3M (2 mid-20s, 1 late 40s)

Production      Polarity Ensemble Theatre, March-May 2010
Festivals           Winner Best of the Fest. Polarity Ensemble Theatre,
                       Dionysos Cup 2008
Readings          Chicago Dramatists, 2008
                       Great Plains Theatre Conference, Short Play Lab 2007

The Politics of Brie

Celebrating their mother's 65th birthday, a family on opposite sides of the political fence struggle to peacefully coexist after the 2004 presidential election. The occasion marks the return of one sister who is prepared to confront the past she's avoided since the death of her grandmother. How can a family or country survive great divisions? This comedy negotiates the politics of family and country.

Requirements   5F actors (1 60s, 4 30s), 1M actor (30s); unit set

Readings         American Theater Company, Chicago, 2007; Chicago Dramatists, 2006


Nick, a hot new novelist, and his sculptor wife Maya are invited to the Catskills cottage retreat belonging to Nick's literary agent Alfred and his wife Hillary. Alfred intends to force Nick to finish his latest novel no matter what it takes; Hillary intends to help make this happen. Maya comes to the mountains seeking nothing but inspiration for her sculpture and instead finds a truth named Charlie. How do people survive tragic events when these events expose the lies of their lives? Exploring making art, making love, and making money in the new world order.

Requirements   3M and 2F actors, 30s to 40s; unit set

Awards            Selection, Polarity Ensemble Theatre Dionysos Cup New Plays Festival, 2006

                       Selection, Metropolis Performing Arts Centre New Play Festival, 2006

                       Finalist, Seanachai Amarach Festival of New Plays

Readings          Chicago Dramatists and American Theater Company (Chicago)

Just the Sweet Stuff

Harriet has played cards with Cookie, Mildred, and Sarah for 22 years. When illness, the other woman, and death enter her life, Harriet realizes they've shared more than just cards. Exploring the bonds of friendship and family and how forgiveness can enrich our lives.

"A funny well-written vehicle for mature actresses." -Wheeling, WV review

Requirements   5 female actors with 4 over the age of 60 and 1 in her 40s to 50s; unit set

Productions      Towngate Theatre, West Virginia, 2003

Young at Heart Players, Ohio, 2004

Heartland Stage, Indiana, 2003

Plays-in-Progress Theatre, California, 2002

                        Selected monologue, Long Island City Arts Project, Springfest, 2001

Awards            Winner, 2002 Oglebay Institute Playwriting Contest, Wheeling, WV

                        Winner, 2001 Streisand Festival of New Jewish Plays, La Jolla, CA

                        Best Monologues 2000,

Publication       Monologue, Audition Monologs for Young Actors II, Meriwether Publishing, summer 2001 Monologue, Best Plays & Monologues 2000, The Internet Theatre Bookshop, 2001

Under Our Clothes

Six women co-eds meet in college and have little in common except for a shared love of alcohol. How their lives intersect and evolve is the journey of womanhood. Under Our Clothes explores the common physical and emotional transformations that women experience during a lifetime, yet rarely share, to reveal that we're all the same under our clothes.

Requirements   6 female actor(s) [may be produced as a one-woman show], no set required

Productions      Chicago Women's Health Center, benefit, various Chicago theaters, 2004

                        Great Beginnings New Plays Festival, Circle Theatre, Chicago, 2003

                        Women's Fest 2003, Plays-in-Progress Theatre, California

Readings          Women's Projects & Productions, Directors Forum, New York, 2004; American Theatre Company (ATC), Chicago, 2003; Venus Theatre, Washington, DC, 2003; Heartland Stage Theatre, 2002; DownStage Left, Stage Left, Chicago, 2001

Publication       "Splendor (?) in the Grass" (one monologue) in Outrider Press anthology, 2001.


Selections from Short Plays

Milk in China

Looking at adoption from a male perspective with interwoven monologues. Running time: 25 minutes.

Requirements   4 (male) actors

Production       Vital Theatre's Vital Signs New Works Festival, New York, 2003

Review             "Fiendishly crafted. Clever narrative structure."-C. Battersby, Off-Off Broadway Review

Play Ball

A would-be revolutionary awaits the battle cry from a tent on a basketball court in DC days after the 2004 presidential election. Someone in the neighborhood wants to play basketball. Can either of them get into the game?

Requirements   2 (male) actors, 20s

Production       Abbie Hoffman Died for Our Sins Theater Festival, Chicago, 2005

Sex Before War

Two lovers embrace opposite sides of the same conflict as they struggle to say goodbye. Running time if performed once: 10 minutes; 20 minutes if roles reversed.

Requirements   1 female and 1 male actor

Readings          Big Shoulders, American Theater Company, Chicago, 2004

Trapped in a Blast

Life begins in archtypes with Barbie, G.I. Joe, and Ken being whipped into shape by Maude so they can be one of the chosen blastocysts implanted during a woman's IVF cycle. Things seem under control until Blanche DuBois arrives. Will they make it to the land of the living or spend eternity in a freezer?

Requirements   3 (female) actors, 2 (male) actors; no set

Readings          Deadline Workshop, Chicago Dramatistss, 2006


Looks can be deceiving. Exploring original sin in a modern office setting. Running time: 15 minutes.

Requirements   1 female (mid-40s) and 1 male (20s) actor; minimal set

Production       Curan Repertory Theatre, New York, 2002

Perched on a Delicate Balance

Beth and Claire disagree on disclosing another friend's sexual indiscretion. Running time: 10 min.

Requirements   2 (female) actors, any age, minimal set

Production       Femme Fatalities Fest, Stockyards Theatre, Chicago, 2000



Producer         Lunchtime play reading series, Chicago Cultural Center, 2007

                        The Playwrights Collective New Plays Festival, Chicago, 2001 and 2002

                        Chicago Alliance of Playwrights, Celebration of Diversity on Stage, 1999

Affiliations    Member, The Dramatists Guild

Resident playwright, Chicago Dramatists

Founder, Vet Art Project,

Founder, The Playwrights Collective

Founding board member, Fernwork Arts Incubator (FAI), 2005-2006

Member, Women's Theatre Alliance

Member, Chicago Alliance for Playwrights (CAP)

Honors            Illinois Humanities Council Grant Recipient, Vet Art Project, 2009

                        Illinois Arts Council, Special Assistance Grant, 2007

                        Tremaine Fellowship Recipient, 2002